Hybrid Carrot Seeds-Japan Kuroda BBS 7 Inches



Hybrid Carrot Seeds-Japan Kuroda BBS 7 Inches.

Dry matter content is about 10%, sugar content is about 6%. It is a middle early mature variety and the growing period is about 100-110 days, 10-12 dark green leaves, fleshy root length is 20-25 cm, upper diameter 4.5cm, roots are near cylindrical shape, smooth surface, a low incidence of branch roots, root color is red-orange color, the end is smaller and the color is similar to the outer flesh, high carotene, sugar, and nutrient minerals content, tender meat and taste good quality. It is hot resistant, easy bolting in spring cultivation, and can spring and autumn cultivation. The high yield is about 5000-6000 kg per Chinese mu/667m2.